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How to Conduct Background Checks on Potential Tenants for Free? A Comprehensive Guide on How to do

Free Guide: Conducting Background Checks on Potential Tenants for Landlords

how to conduct a background check for free

Are you a landlord looking to find reliable tenants for your property? Conducting a background check on potential tenants is a crucial step in the rental process to ensure you make informed decisions and minimize risks - and the good news is, you can do it for free! By following a systematic approach, you can gather essential information about applicants' financial, rental, and criminal history without incurring any costs, helping you find the right fit for your rental property. Let's explore how to execute each step of the background check process effectively and for free.

1. Consent: Before starting the background check, obtain written permission from the potential tenant to conduct the investigation. Use a disclosure form to explain the information you will be checking, and ask for their signature. Here is a form you can use for free :

Corpiq Application EN
Download PDF • 576KB

Corpiq Application FR
Download PDF • 609KB

2. Information Gathering: Collect essential details such as the tenant's full name, date of birth, social security number, and current and past addresses. This information will be crucial for running various checks.

3. Credit Check: Use a reputable credit reporting agency or use this free tool to review the tenant's credit history. Look for patterns of late payments, outstanding debts, or accounts in collections to assess their financial responsibility.


You can ask the potential tenant to download a free copy of the credit history.

4. Rental History: Contact the applicant's previous landlords to verify their rental history. Inquire about payment history, lease violations, and how they maintained the property.

5. Employment and Income Verification: Verify the tenant's employment status and income to ensure they can afford the rent. Request pay stubs or employment verification letters, or contact their employer with the tenant's permission.

6. Criminal Background Check: Conduct a criminal background check through a screening service or local law enforcement or use this free tool to ensure the tenant does not have a history of serious criminal activities.

find a decision in Quebec:

7. Eviction History: Check court records or use tenant screening services to determine if the potential tenant has a history of evictions.

8. Personal References: Request personal references from the applicant to gain insights into their character and behaviour from people who know them well.

9. Legal Compliance: Make sure to follow all federal, state, and local laws regarding background checks, such as La Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Québec (CORPIQ) and any tenant screening laws specific to your location.

10. Evaluation: Review all the collected information and evaluate whether the applicant meets your rental criteria. Make an informed decision based on the results of the background check.

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